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Katie Collins


Hello there and thank you for choosing to come to my website to learn more. Read on to learn more about my passion and purpose as a live wedding painter.


Live Wedding Painter

Hello there and thank you for choosing to come to my website to learn more. 

Although I still accept commissions, I spend most of my time as a Live Wedding Painter. This has become such a special and fulfilling way of life for me, that when I am painting at your wedding, I glide into what I like to call magical moments and time almost stands still, yet it flies by all at the same time. 

Being a Live Wedding Painter fills up my social soul by being surrounded by people while I paint and work. I capture all of the little details and colors creating a piece of art that you will enjoy and swoon over for years to come.


So you may be thinking, how does a British girl end up in America. Yes it was about a boy and 25 years later we are still together. 


One big thing to know about me is that I am a big animal lover, but could easily be a crazy cat lady, luckily my husband curbs my cat adopting and we just have 3. However I do get my kitten fix by fostering kittens, and my daughter and I bring them back to health to make them adoptable. 


My family and friends are everything to me. I've never missed a school field trip, football game or recital, well maybe a game, but I have spent entire lunch breaks driving to be there. 


My friends have been my friends since I can remember, all the way from play group (preschool) in Nottingham to Orlando Florida. We are still amazing friends all these years later and thanks to modern technology we still Facetime and take regular trips back to England.


My American friends have taught me so much through the years and helped me adjust to the ways of US life. I have been taught wonderful American traditions, recipes and lots of different terminology. 


Exercise has saved me, connected and revived me through my whole life. I have danced away stress in Zumba, breathed my way through yoga and recently have fun and found unexpected joy in line dancing. Healthy rap might also be a little unexpected fact about me, but it definitely helps me get through my gym workouts. 


Being a Live Wedding Painter and artist is my purpose and I truly believe I was born to create. God has always shown up with subtle reminders that I am right where I should be. Attending church has been a significant part of our life especially in recent years and is teaching me a lot about life.


Living life to the fullest is what I strive to do so I never miss an opportunity to create special moments and memories. 

A walk and a chat with a friend, a glass of prosecco, or a special meal with family won't be taken for granted. Facetime with my lovely and supportive mum and dad from across the pond is not only a big comfort but I am lucky to say gives us lots of laughs.


Finally when I'm checking my morning emails from you, know that I'm probably sitting in bed with a pot of Yorkshire tea in my parents old teapot, that has the silver peeling off, but I wouldn't replace or fix because it somehow brings me comfort. And yes the bump at the bottom of the bed is a cat who sneeked under the covers. My childhood bear still sits on my dresser. 


Can I meet you yet?


Say hello and fill out a contact form to see if we're a fit. My dates may be limited but my kindness is unlimited. 


What to expect


You will hear from me within 2 business days but probably within a few hours. I challenge myself to respond asap and I will be here to chat over the phone or meet in person to help bring your vision to life. 

I will make sure that if you hire me to be your Live Wedding Painter I will always go above and beyond to create a wonderful piece of your own magical moments that you will enjoy for years to come.


The art that Katie creates never ceases to amaze me. I requested a portrait painting of my nephew as a gift for my brother and sister in law... to say they loved it is an understatement. Katie was able to capture the pure joy and innocence of my baby nephew and really bring the image to life. My friends even thought it was a picture rather than a painting!











Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking (CAST) 

An alliance of nonprofit service providers, grassroots advocacy groups and activists dedicated to providing human services and human rights advocacy to victims of modern-day slavery.

People that are mentioned within the news that need dire help

People who are mentioned in news stories that need donations and are in need of assistance.

Sandy Hook Promise

Honors all victims of gun violence by turning our tragedy into a moment of transformation by providing programs and practices that protect children and prevent the senseless, tragic loss of life.




Member of the Portrait Society of America

Artist for Winter Park Wedding Chapel & Winter Park Wedding Company

Featured artist in a series of short documentaries “The Power of Creativity,” chosen for NYC Indie Theatre Film Festival

Orlando Voyager Publication


Watermark Homeschool Art Teacher

Work displayed all year at Ancient Olive - Park Avenue, Winter Park

Crealde School of Art - Promoted to Studio Artist - May 2021

Featured Artist in JJ Art and Design Productions Podcast


Crealde Student Show June 8 - Aug 31, 2019

Gregg Krutz Workshop January 25 -27, 2019

Emerge Fellowship Show May 10 - Aug 3, 2019

Crealde Student Show June 7 - Aug 31, 2019

University Womens Club Winter Park July 7- August 7, 2019

Michael Story Workshop December 14 and 15, 2019

Women In The Arts Orlando Public Library January 2020

Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursday Feminine Vision March 5, 2020

Orlando Museum of Art November: Architecture theme November 2020
Crealde Student Show July - September 2020

Oseola Art Show Creativ February 26 - March 26, 2021

Greenpoint Gallery Competition  April 2021

Quantum Leap Wine Label Competition & Show

Crealde School of Art Fellows Show  May 2021

Crealde and Jmclaughlin Plein Air Fundraiser May 2021
Crealde Student Show June 2021
Orlando Museum of Art 1st Thursday Show August 2021
Credo Conduit and Coffee Show August 2021 

My Best Friend Show Artscape October 2021

Faith Arts Village Orlando

Crealde Student Show June 24 - August 27, 2022

Oseola Arts Crealde Student and Faculty Show April 7 - May 22, 2022 

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